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The first Karaoke machine outside VN with the most HOT & EXCLUSIVE songs.

Our Products

1. Producer of high quality 720p to 4K Ultra HD music video karaoke songs with high quality audio.

2. Supplier and distributor of YouSingHD HDMK Karaoke machine. Our professional HDMK Karaoke system is based on stable Android 6.0 with a sleek and modern interface, user friendly for both family and karaoke clubs.

3. We produce in excess of 500 new songs every month your our Host Karaoke Cloud where customer have access to from HDMK karaoke machine.

Audio Equipment

YouSingHD provides and distributes a line of VOCAL ARTISTIC audio devices including specialized speakers, amplifiers, microphones and sub-woofer. Vocal Artistic together with professors at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY USA at ELECTRO ACOUSTICS RESEARCH CENTER created a special line of innovative and professional sound products. Loudspeaker with components made in France produced a rich and natural sound full of warm and depth for karaoke, the unique EFFECT and exclusive microphone technology to reduce feeback create a great experience for singers.


YouSingHD has been in Australia for many years and has resellers in every Australian state of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

We have a presence in the USA through our exclusive reseller in California. However we are also looking for more reseller of our product world wide. If you are interested in partnership with us, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Vocal Artistic

In 1987 VOCAL ARTISTIC A1.PRO founder collaborated with professors at ELECTRO ACOUSTICS RESEARCH CENTER of PRINCETON UNIVERSITY USA and established Acoustics Reasearch & Development Center. Stemming from this research, Vocal Artistic audio equipment was developed and fine tuned to one of the best indoor audio equipment in the market. It is known to produce equal if not superior sound to the major brands in the market at a much reasonable price.

Where to buy?

Resellers of our products and services
Canley Heights Karaoke

Canley Heights Karaoke

Sydney - Australia

Contact: Minh Tran
Phone: +61-425-205-052
Address: 278b Canley Vale Road
Canley Heights, NSW 2166

HKS Karaoke

HKS Karaoke

Marangaroo - Western Australia

Contact: Michael Phan
Phone: +61-423-814-472
Email: hkskaraoke@gmail.com
Location: Marangaroo WA 6064

Karaoke Best Price

Karaoke Best Price

Sacramento - USA

Contact: Kate Ly
Phone: +1 707-812-2225
Email: karaokebestprice@gmail.com
Address: 6139 Mack Road
Sacramento, CA 95823

YouSingHD Vietnam

YouSingHD Vietnam


Sài Gòn - Đức: 0913-138-170
Email: quangduc@karabeat.com

Thái Nguyên - Dũng: 0988-632-932
Email: vietdung@karabeat.com

HDMK Karaoke system running Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system with the ability to select and queue songs from YouTube