Delete Songs in HDMK Machine

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To Delete songs Start UPDATE Application (Version or higher only)

Once the Update Application is running on your HDMK karaoke machine, you can use your phone, computer or laptop to connect to the Update Application. Use your remote control to navigate to MORE tab to see the HOST Address on the HDMK Machine.

Note: Your Host address will be different to what is shown here.

On your phone, computer or laptop (connect to the same wifi or network as the HDMK machine), open the internet browser and type in the HOST address shown in your MORE page.

Once open, go to the DELETE Tab.

In the search box, type in the song name, singer or song number and press the search button. Click onto the song you want to delete and you will be prompted a box to confirm delete YES or NO. Click YES to delete.

Once deleted, the system will delete the song file in your system and move the deleted into your SKIP tab, if you want to re-download that song, please restore from your SKIP list and it will re-appear in your NEW VN list for you to re-download.

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