Upgrade Firmware for HDMK-1102

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Before you begin, please check that your system is using the 6-digit song list. To check see instruction here Upgrade to 6-Digit System.


What’s new in this firmware?
1. Ability to select songs and queue songs from Youtube
2. New Update application, ability to connect via phone, computer or laptop to manage, search and select songs to download. Refer to Update New Songs in HDMK Machine.
3. New Update application, able to connect via phone, computer or laptop to search and DELETE songs from the machine. Refer to Delete Songs in HDMK Machine

Equipment Required:
1. A Micro SD HC with at least 600MB Free
2. Download Firmware HDMK-1102-FW-20190401.zip

Download and put the full zip file onto the Micro SD card (Do not Unzip the file)

Follow the steps below to upgrade.

1. Insert the Micro SD card into the slot marked TF CARD.

2. Navigate to Settings > SystemUpdate

Choose System Update

3. Select and choose file HDMK-1102-FW-20190401.zip

4. Tick “Wipe Data” and “Wipe Media” then choose “Update

5. A pop up will display to confirm the update, click Update and wait for the machine to complete the process

6. When the machine finished upgrading it will restart. Follow the wizard and accept the defaults to complete the process

7. To verify the firmware upgrade is success. Go to “Settings” > “Other” and check the “Build number”. It should now display KOT49H.20190401 test-keys

8. Connect to the internet. Go to Settings > Network and connect to either WIFI or Ethernet Wifi will required you to enter the WIFI password

9. Change timezone. Go to Settings > Other > More Settings. Scroll down to Date & Time and Select time zone. Select your timezone

10. Change security settings to install apps. Still in More Settings go to Security. Tick Allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Select OK to agree

11. Install KTVHOST & Youtube. Exit out to the Main screen. Go to My Apps > YS Apps Scroll down to KTVHost (HDMK-1102 & HDMK-4000 ONLY) and install it. Once finish installing KTVHost, then install YouTube

Choose KTVHost (HDMK-1102 & HDMK-4000 ONLY)
Confirm to install, Choose YES
Wait for app to download
Install the Application when prompted


Choose YouTube to install YouTube
Choose YES to Install
Choose Install when finished install choose CLOSE and exit out to main homepage.

Once you are back out on the main homepage, you can go to the UPDATE app and run the UPDATE to convert the DATABASE

When prompt to convert the song list, select OK to convert.

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