Upgrade firmware for HDMK-4000

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Equipment & software:

  1. A Micro SD HC with at least 600MB Free
  2. Download Firmware HDMK-4000-FW-20190323.zip
  3. Ensure you have already performed an upgrade to 6-digit system.


Download and put the full zip file onto the Micro SD card (Do not Unzip the file)

Follow the steps below to ugrade.

  • Insert the Micro SD card into the slot marked TF CARD.
  • Navigate to Settings > System Update
  • Select” and choose file HDMK-4000-FW-20190323.zip
  • Tick “Wipe Data” and “Wipe Media” then choose “Update
  • A pop up will display to confirm the update, click Update and wait for the machine to complete the process.
  • When the machine finished upgrading it will restart. Follow the wizard and accept the defaults to complete the process.
  • To verify the firmware upgrade is success. Go to “Settings” > “Other” and check the “Build number”. It should now display KOT49H.20190323 test-keys
  • Connect to the internet. Go to Settings > Network and connect to either WIFI or Ethernet
    Wifi will required you to enter the WIFI password.
  • Change timezone. Go to Settings > Other > More Settings. Scroll down to Date & Time and Select time zone. Select your timezone.
  • Change security settings to install apps. Still in More Settings go to Security. Tick Allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Select OK to agree.
Tick Unknown sources
  • Install KTVHOST & Youtube. Exit out to the Main screen. Go to My Apps > YS Apps
    Scroll down to KTVHost (HDMK-1102 & HDMK-4000 ONLY) and install it.
    Once finish installing KTVHost, then install YouTube

Confirm to install, choose Yes

Wait for app to download.

Install the Application when prompted.

Install YouTube