Upgrade to 6-digit System

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We have now over 100,000 songs therefore required all customers to upgrade to 6-digit song format.

To check if you required to do upgrade to 6 digits or not, start Karaoke, in the menu select NUMBERS, you will see a series of zeros;

If there are 6 zeros then you are already using 6-digit system, you do not need to upgrade.

If there are 5 zeros, then you need to upgrade to 6-digit system. (Image below)

To upgrade, you will need to connect your Karaoke Machine to a PC or Laptop using a Micro-USB cable.

Connect the large connector to your PC or Laptop and connect the small end connector to your Karaoke machine. Now on your PC the karaoke machine will become a portable hard drive. Browse to the drive, you will see folders with only 2 digits like below.

To upgrade rename all folder to 3 numbers by adding a 0 in front, for example folder 00 rename to 000, folder 18 rename to 018 etc…

Go to uni_sys folder and email admin@yousinghd.com the songlist.txt file.

We will convert the file for you and send back a songlist.db or songlist.txt denpending on which model of machine you have, for you to copy into the uni_sys folder.

Once you have received the updated songlist.db/songlist.txt file and copy into the uni_sys folder, you can delete the old songlist.txt file, it is no longer required and must be deleted to avoid errors.

Now you are safe to proceed to Firmware Upgrade.